The Eosoma workshop was beyond perfect, I was able to obtain information that was needed to have a healthy natural view on birth control. Emerald gave the presentation with very clear instructions that Iā€™m looking forward to using.
— Serene Fairbanks, age 15

What you'll learn

  • Step by Step Process on how to Use the Method

  • The Inner Workings of your Menstrual Cycle

  • Simple Menstrual Cycle Charting

  • Checks and Balances of the Eosoma Method

  • Which Pure Herbs and Concentrates to Use in Conception Prevention

  • How to Use the Herbs and Concentrates safely and effectively

  • Precise Schedule of Suppositories based on Sexual Activity & Point in Fertility Cycle

  • How the Female Body works to get Pregnant

  • A better understanding of Conventional Birth Control Methods

Lower your cost

Private Eosoma sessions cost $300(1-2 per person and bring your partner), $120 per person for 3 people, whereas a workshop is just $100 per person if 4 or more people attend. Workshops are 6 hours long, usually from 10 am - 4 pm or 2 pm - 8 pm as examples.

Upcoming workshops

Mensuration Ritual Show and Tell: Cycle Tracking Panel

April 13th Good SF Presents Lightning Talks-Panel Discussion W/Eosoma 

The Place For Sustainable living Eco Friendly Non-Hormonal Contraception Prevention Method Nov 18th

See below to organize one for you and your friends!

Organize a workshop

If there isn't an upcoming workshop available, it's easy to organize one for you and friends! Workshops can be anywhere in the Bay Area, like your home or a friend's home. Here's the complete process:

  1. Complete the form below. It's ok if the time, date, and location are not yet determined. We'll create an online event with a registration fee of $25 and share this with you.

  2. You share the event link with your friends so they can register as well.

  3. Once the final count is confirmed, each person will be asked to Paypal or Venmo the remaining balance. If 4 or more people are registered, the total per person is $100.

Simple, right? Just fill out this form and we'll get back to you shortly!

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