"Wisdom of the Womb" Video Series

Wisdom of the Womb is a vision I had after working with a great many ladies who had to shared their amazing stories. I realized how much wisdom I had received and felt driven to share this wisdom.

The idea was to hold a safe space for our female reproductive systems. Sharing wisdom that you've had time to fully cultivate from these experiences, so the Taboo in this subject is "Seen" and seen as wisdom. I ask if you are viewing these videos to leave judgment at the play button. Ask yourself what you've learned that might enrich your health or your happiness? 

I am so proud to present the first finished Wisdom of the Womb interview with Jojo Lamboy . Sharing her real moments in all of its complexity to reveal insights and strength from her journey. I am in such awe and gratitude for the gifts she has shared.

More Wisdom to come with Ayna Meredova and Lexi Schooley.

It is with great joy and reverence that we share our very first Wisdom Interview with Jojo Lamboy. We believe that every woman has a story to tell... stories of strength and clarity, as well as moments of challenge and heart break, where our innocence is held to the light and the core of our being fortified.

More wisdom to come...

Special thanks to: 
Liliana Astiz you have been an amazing driving force in this project and I am deeply grateful for your views, your free nature, ease and love to this project. May this project continue to swell our hearts infinitely.

Thank you to the masculine on the project Will Dorgan and Kenny Hoff for your sweat(literally) and time in traffic to create balance in this project.



P.s. If you feel you have wisdom in your story please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.