Emerald is a wise teacher, who compassionately shared with me her deep understanding into the mysterious ways of feminine fertility, and how to work in harmony with it in a safe, natural way. She showed up for me at a critical moment when I needed help, and safely guided me with her wisdom and experience towards the fertility outcome I desired.
— Mary Redente

Create harmony in your body

Knowing your cycle is important for reliable use of the Eosoma Method. If you don't have a regular cycle, or a cycle at all, we highly recommend a hormone balancing consultation.

There are many factors that can cause hormone imbalances ranging from environmental to chemicals and stress. A hormone balancing session is focused on your individual body and needs. You'll receive clear information on how the body responds to different external factors, empowering you to to create harmony in your body.

Sessions range from 1-2hrs+ based on your specific needs. 


What you'll learn

  • What is contributing to your imbalance
  • How to use specific herbs and nutrients to rebalance your hormones

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