Why Eosoma?

We intend for each participant to not just come to a workshop and go home – but to leave with a new way of life embedded in your understanding

Eosoma is the way to reclaim your power of choice without relying on abortion or polluting the environment with synthetic chemicals that are accumulating in our water. The Eosoma Method is a conversation with your body. We understand the health of your body is an important matter. Eosoma allows you to deeply communicate with the wisdom of your body in balance.

Our work is a movement because it is ongoing – we intend for each participant to not just come to a workshop and go home – but to leave with a new way of life embedded in your understanding.

Support your body's innate intelligence through knowledge you won't find anywhere else!

What makes us different?

This is information you have never encountered but have longed for – the natural way to manage fertility.

We are transforming contraception conceptions.

The Eosoma Method is a unique 3-part system with built-in checks & balances:

1st: Cycle Tracking

Understanding how the menstrual cycle & pregnancy works, detailed info on your fertile window, understanding shifting menstrual cycles and how to chart your cycle for the method.

2nd: Emmenagogues

Emmenagogues are herbs that encourage menstruation, and when & how to use them safely to support the body’s natural moon cycle.

3rd: Herbal suppositories

We teach you how to use these effectively for conception prevention.

Learn the entire method by attending a workshop!

Eosoma, pronounced EE-AH-SS-SO-MA a Non Hormonal Eco Pregnancy Prevention Method. Eos is the goddess of dawn and Somatic is the internal body awareness, Eosoma is the dawn of internal body awareness. To find out more, or come to a workshop, visit us at: https://www.eosoma.org/workshops or www.facebook/eosomaorg

Women's Health

Women are worried about unwanted pregnancy. In addition there is a growing concern about how hormonal birth control methods are affecting women’s physical and mental health. Side effects from hormonal birth control range from troublesome to life threatening. Some women are not aware they are experiencing side effects such as ongoing headaches, anemia and mood disorders.

Women are dissatisfied. According to a CDC report 63% of pill users, 74% of Depo-Provera users, and 45% the patch users have discontinued using their hormonal contraception due to “side effects”. (Daniels, Mosher, Jones, 2013, p.8) It is a woman’s birthright to feel connected to their cycle and body as well as empowered to choose a method both safe and effective.

What is Ecologically Responsible Pregnancy Prevention?

Residues from antidepressants, birth control, and antibiotics are found in 80% of the US waterways and groundwater -U.S. Geological Survey

Even though birth control is only accountable for a small amount of this contamination nevertheless scientist have growing concerns because at parts per Billion of these synthetic hormones are resulting in androgynous fish, within the next 5-7 years this concentration is estimated to go up to parts per million.

Unfortunately with the increasing levels there could be devastating consequences, studies indicate that the fish might not continue mating staying female with the part per million concentrations. This is deeply concerning.

Keeping your body and the environment clean is a major concern we address. You can make a difference.

My story

Being on hormonal birth control for 10 years and switching through several forms (depo-provera, the pill-3 brands, the patch), I was removed by my doctor because of serious side effects (blacking out and heart palpitations). After thoroughly researching, I was mortified with no reliable natural methods available. Since I was unable to use hormones, I was intensely frightened of having an unwanted pregnancy. In the midst of a 5 year apprenticeship studying nutrition I was encouraged by my teacher to solve the problem of what I termed "incomplete non-hormonal pregnancy prevention methods", by utilizing Native American Medicine Women techniques and modern science.

After 9 long years and a lot of diligence, Eosoma Method was born! Eosoma is the first complete Natural Ecological Method created.

My mission is to help women awaken to true internal body awareness.

Warmest Hugs,

+Emerald, Eosoma Method Creator



Emerald Figueroa N.C. started her journey in nutrition, healing and wellness at a very young age while connecting to her native american heritage and the spirit of her ancestors. After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the age of 15, she had made her mind up that this disease would not continue to destroy her. At age 19 she accepted a 5 year apprenticeship from a seasoned nutritionist of 25 years: Aimee Bourget. She dove deeply into the study of nutrition, herbal wisdom, reiki, dance, sound healing and crystal therapy. Mysteries concerning the root of all knowledge and wisdom inspire her greatly. At age 24, Emerald was removed from hormonal birth control. This sent her down a deep path focused on regaining body awareness as well as restoring the basic birthright of knowing how to listen and communicate with ones biological self. She has recently graduated from Bauman College with a degree in nutrition, giving her national recognition with the NANP organization. Emerald offers Birth Control Education, Cycle Balancing, Yoni Health, Postpartum Wisdom, Male Supportive Birth Control Education, Sound Orb Crystal Bowl Healing, Crystal Therapy, EFT Facilitation, Food Alchemy and much more. She is a gifted artist, singer and spirit weaver.