Since my session I have felt confident that I will not have an unplanned pregnancy; I have been using the method for almost a year with no “scares”. Emerald is also such a sweet and gentle person, and I love how she is really passionate about sharing her work with women and helping them to become more empowered around their bodies and sexuality.
— Avi Santana

Catered to YOU

Would you like to learn the Eosoma Method in a private setting with much more attention to your specific questions and needs? We recognize that Eosoma is a very personal thing to learn, so we offer private sessions in addition to our Group Workshops.

Private sessions are great for women, couples, or parents and teenage daughters.

Sessions range from 4-6hrs with a 30min break. Cost of workshop is 300 per 1-2 people. 

What you'll learn

  • Step by Step Process to Use the Eosoma Method

  • The Inner Workings of your Menstrual Cycle

  • Simple Menstrual Cycle Charting

  • Checks and Balances of the Eosoma Method

  • Which Pure Herbs and Concentrates to Use in Conception Prevention

  • How to Use the Herbs and Concentrates safely and effectively

  • Precise Schedule of Suppositories based on Sexual Activity & Point in Fertility Cycle

  • Proactive Vaginal Hygiene Tips

  • How the Female Body works to get Pregnant 

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